New Patient Information


"I have been a patient of Gil and Stacy Jackson for over nine years now. [Having had] two car accidents within this time frame, they have taken the best of care of my family. Both my children, ages five and nine, suffered whiplash, [as I did], and without the care of [Gil and Stacy], we would just be taking Advil per our pediatrician's recommendations.

"My children look forward to going to [Jackson] Chiropractic...because of their loving and friendly family environment. We have all had great success here and we are able to have normal lives, pain-free.

"My son Daniel has grown up at the office. He suffered from severe earaches, and because of Stacy and Gil, we were able to avoid...scary surgery. When I was suffering from a severe migraine, I would visit the office that day, and the migraine would subside within a few minutes [of treatment]. I continue to go to [Jackson] Chiropractic when I need to...relax."

--Gaby Aguilera

"I had headaches nine out of ten days for seven to eight years. They kept getting worse, so I had a CAT scan and an MRI. I was going to the doctor...weekly for shots of Demerol. The medications were not working. After [being treated by] Gil and Stacy, my headaches' intensity and frequency dropped 80 percent. With a few more treatments, I almost [stopped having] headaches. I haven't had to take prescription drugs [for pain] for two years. It feels great to be able to work and go places without the fear of having headaches."

--Emil Ramirez

"About four years ago, I injured my lower back, and with time, [the injury] started to cause shoulder pain, neck pain, and...headaches. I was getting headaches three to four times a week. Some were so severe that I couldn't sleep. I had to take over-the-counter drugs to function. After the first treatment with Dr. Jackson, I felt like the weight came off my shoulders. Two weeks later, the headaches were gone for good. My shoulder, neck, and lower back are doing well. I have office visits with Gil every two to three months for regular treatment to [remain] pain free. I recommend [that] family, friends, and anyone with similar problems...see Dr. Jackson."

--John Barbuzano

"Before I started...chiropractic care, I was regularly experiencing [severe] migraine headaches...that sometimes lasted up to 10 days! I was in this hellish state for two years. After my first chiropractic treatment, my headache was instantly alleviated.... It has now been over two months, and I have been headache-free this whole time. The...therapy I have received from Dr. Jackson has allowed me to live a again, and I would recommend [Jackson Chiropractic] to anyone experiencing similar symptoms."

--Amber McCall

"My headaches came...about five days a week. This was while taking powerful prescription drugs...[for pain]. My headaches were affecting my personal and professional life. The neurologist was no help and suggested more drugs. After [seeing] Dr. Jackson, there was...improvement in three to four treatments. Now I am headache-free...."

--Kyle Peterson